FreQuency Less

Only freshly entered in the electronic music scene, Frequency Less (Ricky Casero) is a relatively new solo project. Playing music since he was 5, coming from a old tradition musician family, and playing classical music (hornist) as a soloist internationally, allowed Ricky to have a broader understanding of musical structure. After an introduction to Psytrance in 2010, Ricky decided to try his own hand at applying his classical training to his own tracks and thus Frequency Less was born in 2011.

When Ricky discovered Psybreaks in 2012, his world changed forever, and led him to push his sound to the public via his  label” Zerosound Records”. Since then Frequency less has refined his sound and released an arsenal of originals and remixes on his own label and  other respected labels in the genre, notably: TEK records, Blacked Out Recordings, V.I.M Breaks, Luminus Music, Rune Recordings, Pistolero Records, Kindcrime Recordings, Sub Elements Recordings & Slinksta Records

2015  sees the Frequency less sound in high demand and many other labels in the genre have him in the crosshairs to join their roster with his quality sound.