The ability to incorporate multiple musical genres while still retaining your own sound is an admirable quality, and one such trait that Phill, without a doubt, has managed to achieve. Phill’s musical history is a long and varied one. With influences ranging from early hip hop and glitched out electronica to rock, metal and film score. These elements all play an important role and come together to create the distinctive, edgy sound that is Resistor. Starting his musical journy playing guitar in local Brisbane metal bands from 1990-1997. He always had the passion and dedication to create music on his own terms but it wasn’t until the late 90’s that technology allowed this to happen. To cut a long story short, he discovered electronic music in the form of Big Beat. Through names like the Crystal method, Propellerheads, Chemical Bros and The Prodigy, the connection grew closer between his rock and metal roots to his new-found love for chunky, beat driven dance music. From 2003 to 2007, Phill was a promoter of Brisbane’s premier breakbeat and D&B club night “ Phats Albeats” which at the time was the longest running club night of its type, running monthly events at the Empire in Fortitude Valley. In March 2012 Resistor made their first full length album début on 96KHz Productions. With almost two weeks at number one on the Beatport top 100 breaks charts, and reaching number 39 overall, the album was very well received by the DJ and electronic music community as a whole. 2014 saw the release of his second full length album, The nature of my circuitry (VIM records) which debuted at number 6 on the beatport breakbeat charts. The album is his most diverse offering, showcasing everything from downbeat glitch, rock infused breaks to Drum & Bass to tech driven electronica. Not satisfied with only releasing music under his own pseudonym, Phill is also a member of UK electronic outfit Robosapiens, in which he has been collaborating with over the past two years on a full length release – Dystopia. The album was released in March 2015 to great acclaim, reaching number 4 on the Beatport breaks charts. Since coming on-board with the Robosapiens, he was offered the position of label manager for the label which was managed by the group – Dead Famous Records. The label was started by Jamie and Steve of the robosapiens, who passed on the duties to Phill due to family commitments. Phill has since brought into the DF fold, fellow breaks producer, Tom Llupa, who is now co-managing the label. Another exciting project that falls slightly outside the electronic field, is Phill’s metal studio project – KILL[UR]SELF. It’s always been something he has wanted to pursue, but time only allows for so much, so it didn’t eventuate until now. The project came together mid-2014 when approached by Gold Coast vocalist, and good mate, Travis McLeod. The guys thought it would be fun to write a few tracks, over a few weekends, nothing serious, just to see what comes of it. Little did they know it would turn into a well-produced, original 8 track E.P. It wasn’t their intention to do something that extensive, nor did they want to bother shopping it around to labels, so they just put into out for free via Bandcamp. The guys have started work on another release, which they hope to have out later in 2015.