SLNK004 Pt.2 “Atmosphere EP” : Slinky “Pressure System” BreaksMafia & Myagi Remixes

Release Date: 30/8/13

A: Slinky – Pressure System (BreaksMafia Remix)

B: Slinky – Pressure System (Myagi Remix)

The fourth EP for Slinksta Records “Atmosphere” gives you the juice…

This release gets some big playaz and cool cats on remix duty, and they don’t take the task lightly.

We got 3 heavyweights to remix on this tune, so its been split into 2 parts, EP4 “Atmosphere” Pt.1 & Pt.2

Pt.1 Includes the Original & Andy Faze Remix & this Pt.2 includes BreaksMafia & Myagi Remixes!!

BreaksMafia remix is takes the tune into Electro breaks territory with 80’s electro synth stabs and dirty bass stabs. This tune is more tough electro to get the dancefloor funky but heaving!!

Myagi remix is another rolling tech baseline with some funking modulated cowbell automation to give the hook. This tune has been working dancefloors already with great success!


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