SLNK005 Chris Voro “The Drop” + Slinky & BL1TZ Remixes

9 years ago

Release Date:  05-11-13

SLNK005 Chris Voro “The Drop” + Slinky & BL1TZ Remixes

A: Chris Voro – The Drop (Original)

B: Chris Voro – The Drop (Slinky Rmx)

C: Chris Voro – The Drop (BL1TZ Rmx)

The fifth EP for Slinksta Records “Gravity” loses control and lets loose with an original tune by man of the moment, mr dark truancy vibe himself, Chis Voro, delivers “The Drop” with remixes by BL1TZ & Slinky.

The EP opens with Chris Voro’s first original tune on the label, “The Drop” which is a dark stormy monster. The track opens with tough drums and a progressive arpeggio joined by a dark pad which sets the scene. After the break, the tune regains and instant momentum with the tough drums and and some fresh new stabs of bass coupled with vocal stabs, the groove is set. It builds to the main breakdown which gives the punters time to breathe, only to cop “The Drop”. Back into the main groove and the dance floor is stomping. Expect this tune for some peaktime plays.

The Slinky remix takes the tune into unchartered territory. The track opens with snappy background percussion and some vocal chops from the original. Eeerie synth pad glues the feel to the dark original. The bouncy sub bass stabs give some mild funk to the equation and we are ready. The vocals introduce us to the main drums and the LIM drum machine is away and running. A main fill introduces us to the theme of “drum machines & synthesisers started taking over” and the tune is off and rolling with a new bouncy sequenced baseline. Original stabs from chris voro give some funky percussive stabs and the track weaves its way to the main breakdown. Dark delays and edits give the vocal samples a run in the story, building to the main drop which shifts gears and gets the dancefloor in a groove again. This tune is built for warm up or morning sets. Progressive Nuskool with a twist of funk…

BL!TZ from a spanish peninsula in Africa makes his first appearance on the label with his ravey take on the original. Ravey Stabs, grooving arpeggiators and another set of strong drums give the tune some weight. Add the rolling baseline and eardrums are warm, This tune is a good tune to keep the dancefloor on an even keel and a good progressive nuskool crossover with a slightly more commercial ravey tip. Different strokes for different folks, this EP has versions for all walks of life…