Slinksta Records Press Release….

Slinksta Records delivers fresh progressive, nuskool & psychedelic breakbeat with a twist of funk.
Formed in 2012, the label aims to deliver the freshest and most bass laden music in the genre, sourcing talent from across the globe.
Releases will include originals from head honcho of the label, Slinky, as well as remixes by some of the most professional, productive and well revered names in the business.

The first 3 EP’s include such artists as Slinky (Slinksta Records, RFR Records, Breakin Even Records), Mesmer (Scarcity Records), Leuce Rhythms (Scarcity Records, Future Perfect Records, Dusted Breaks, Re:Connect Records), & Vipercorps (Dead Famous Records, Slinksta Records).

Forthcoming remix artists coming to the fold are:

Mesmer (Scarcity Records, Sound of Habib, Ego Shot)
Andy Faze (VIM, Rune, Flextone)
Breaks Mafia (Scarcity Records, Distorsion Records, Expand Records)
ILS (Distinctive, Botchit & Scarper, Marine Parade)
Dawn Rebel Dj’s [Groove Diggerz] (Breakin Even Records)
Leuce Rhythms (Scarcity Records, Future Perfect Records, Dusted Breaks, Re:Connect Records)
Robosapiens (Dead Famous Records)
Vipercorps (Dead Famous Records, Slinksta Records)
Myagi (Pop & Lock Records, Westway Records)
Line of Sight (Morphosis, Digital Sensation, Scarcity Records)
Digitalis / 8 Ball (Sinister, Redux, Matsuri)

Expect the finest quality output for the seasoned ear in the breakbeat novelists head. Growly rolling basslines, snappy breakbeats, electric synth stabs and just about every other sound that gets the senses pumping…