SLNK002 “Heavy Water EP” : Slinky “Atlantis” + Vipercorps & Leuce Rhythms Remixes

A: Slinky – Atlantis (Original)

B: Slinky – Atlantis (Vipercorps Rmx)
C: Slinky – Atlantis (Leuce Rhythms Rmx)

The second EP for Slinksta Records “Heavy Water” takes us on an underwater journey…

The original version of “Atlantis” sees Slinky taking the track on an esoteric level. The feel is governed by visions of an underwater city made by mermaid vocals coupled with dolphin and whale samples.

Keeping crew on the dancefloor is a necessity and the rolling baseline and solid drums keep the track tight. quirky synths and progressive lines add to the drive before the drop. Synth lines and room filling synths bring the track back in for the drop and expect heads to roll….

The first remix is courtesy of new emerging outfit Vipercorps. These guys won best remix entry for the competition remixing Robosapiens (Dead Famous) track “Sirens”. J-Prime, one half of the outfit, supplies the beats for this remix delivering a smooth progressive number. This tune is one for the progressive warm up sets and keeps it sparse but clean…

The second remix is hand delivered by Leuce Rhythms. The boys were nominated for 2012 Breakspoll as one of the best new DJ’s & producers of the scene. This remix starts with a high pitched feedback and draws the listener in to listen intensely before dropping the motherload of a searing baseline and synthline combined to blow the brain apart and get the legs dancing on their own!! Beefy Drums and the aforementioned bass keep people stuck to the dancfloor while fills keep things interesting. The breakdown samples old black and white atlantis samples whilst the drop brings the crowd back to stomping territory. One to watch….

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