Breaksmafia is a dj and producers team constituted by Dj Rasco, Perfect Kombo and Wdj.
They grew up listening to electro, hiphop,techno and breakbeat, but actually they work with every style they like: dubstep, glichhop, electrohouse, etc.
Breaksmafia has no limits.
There are no adjetives to describe Breaksmafia’s works,it is a very personal point of view of electronic music.

The project began in 2009. Dj Rasco and Perfect Kombo started playing together in some gigs and made some live remixes. Quickly, they started to use their own music especially created for each party.
Breaksmafia really knows what people want to listen to in every moment, they always have a secret beat that makes people go crazy!
In 2012 the last member, Wdj, arrived. He is one of the best Scratch DJ/Turntablist in Spain and a well-known HipHop producer.
Last year, Breaksmafia played at every big Breakbeat event in Spain like Winter Festival, Spanic Festival, Floridance, Summer Festival. They also released some tracks with labels like Distorsion Records, Scarcity Records and KingKrime.
This is Breaksmafia life story until now, we’ll see what the future brings them.

Jun, 2013

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