Parallax Breakz

Parallax Breakz(VIM.GRE / Ego Shot.HU / Morphosis.HU / Scarcity.RO / DS.UK / RUNE.UA / Raveart.SP / Bass Reflections.USAParallax Breakz - is music project of Alex Zhikharev. Since the late nineties, he devoted a part of his life and creativity to electronic music and club scene. Since the beginning [ more.. ]

Windom R

Dmitry Yudin aka WINDOM R is a top quality producer from Russian Federation.His first release saw the face of light back in March of 2015 and it was a totallyphat and wicked remix for LLUPA's ìBREACHî single on RUNE RECORDINGS. The remix wasfollowed by the rather excellent and unique sounds of ìS [ more.. ]


The ability to incorporate multiple musical genres while still retaining your own sound is an admirable quality, and one such trait that Phill, without a doubt, has managed to achieve. Phill’s musical history is a long and varied one. With influences ranging from early hip hop and glitched out ele [ more.. ]

Captain Capcom

Captain Capcom is a special dynamic force duo from outer space!!!Joey Dianos 'Oxya' and Deeply Unexpected (already known from their galacticconquests) combined their super powers and threat planet Earth with worlddomination...Joey is actually a time-traveling robot that constantly imports sounds tot [ more.. ]

FreQuency Less

Only freshly entered in the electronic music scene, Frequency Less (Ricky Casero) is a relatively new solo project. Playing music since he was 5, coming from a old tradition musician family, and playing classical music (hornist) as a soloist internationally, allowed Ricky to have a broader unders [ more.. ]


Breaksmafia is a dj and producers team constituted by Dj Rasco, Perfect Kombo and Wdj.They grew up listening to electro, hiphop,techno and breakbeat, but actually they work with every style they like: dubstep, glichhop, electrohouse, etc.Breaksmafia has no limits.There are no adjetives to describe B [ more.. ]


In the year 2000, Manuel Lazaro aka BL1TZ, starts to be interested in music production, focused on the production of electronic music influenced mostly by a video game called "Wipeout", game which contained large dose of electronic music.Since 2001 starts producing under the pseudonym "The Legacy", [ more.. ]


Myagi is one of the world’s more accomplished party rockers, expertly blending a mix of party breaks, electro, techno and mash-up and letting it loose on the dance floor.Constantly playing sold out venues across his native Canada, he also makes a-list stops at top clubs in China, Australia, Korea, [ more.. ]

Andy Faze

DJ and now Producer of over 15 years on the scene. Spinning everything from House, Techno & Trance, Andy has finally honed his craft into breakbeat! Andy has established himself as a respected producer & DJ in the scene with releases on leading & influential record labels such as V.I.M R [ more.. ]

Chris Voro

BiographyReal name: Christos VoropoulosCountry: GreeceChris Voro is a prolific electronic music producer and DJ who floats wickedly on different genres. From breaks to trance and from psychedelic trance to ambient.True follower of the darkest side of electronic music, he infuses his productions and [ more.. ]

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