Mesmer, hailing from Bucharest, Romania, has been involved in the ever growing breakbeat scene in Romania since 1996. His style is a tight blend of psychedelic, electro and funk induced sounds.

Mesmer first gained regional recognition in 1998 when he took home first prize in the Electronic Music Division of the New Talent Festival held by Assos Music, a national music competition.

Soon after, he began fielding requests to DJ at major festivals throughout the country. He also began expanding his reach into the production side of music and took to building his studio where he continues pounding out original works on a weekly basis.

Mesmer is a rising star in the breakbeat arena and one of the industry’s most prolific and industrious talents, cranking out tunes at a rate of knots in his home studio in Romania. His distinctive sound is attracting interest and praise from DJs, producers and breaks fans around the world. Sound of Habib label owner Johan Jariten Soh has many Mesmer tunes on release: “I picked up ‘Rowlacoaster’ because it was a break from what Mesmer is usually doing, and I’m into my vocal breaks. That’s basically the reason for signing ‘Vibrations’ off him as well. Two great stand out cuts from a wicked and diverse producer”.

Mexican producer Neztic is equally impressed: “Mesmer has a very interesting and unique sound, complemented to perfection with tight production and an excellent sense for catchy melodies. I hope we can hear more of his tunes released in the near future”.

Mesmer is now recognised as being one of the breakbeat pioneers in Romania, managing to create his own recognisable style of a tight blend of psychedelic, electro and funk induced sounds.


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